What One Year Can Change


Age January 2006:  5 yrs. 4 mos.            Age Jan. 2007: 6 yrs. 4 mos.

Height January 2006:  37 1/2″                        January 2007:  44 3/4″

Weight January 2006:  33 lbs                          January 2007:  43 1/2 lbs

Size when she came home:  3T                        Size one year later:  5/6

Language at homecoming:  Haitian Creole 

  Today:  English                                                             

School skills at homecoming:  draw a circle with a crayon               

 Today:  Beginning reader

Gross motor skills at homecoming:  Could not pull herself up into the van without assistance.  Struggled to climb the ladder to the swingset.  Had never sat on a swing.  Very little muscle tone.

Today:  Climbs everything.  Runs like the wind.  Swings so high she frightens strangers.  Jumps rope.  Skips rope.  Can cross the monkey bars.  Solid muscle.

Emotional state at homecoming:  Frightened.  Experienced night terrors.  Shy and insecure.

Today:  Described by others as “a happy child”.  Everyone loves her because her smile lights up a room.  A colossal jokester.  Extraordinarily loving and generous.

Character at homecoming:  An incredibly courageous, determined, beautiful child.

Character Today:  An incredibly courageous, determined, beautiful child.


Age January 2006:  2 yrs. 4 mos.                     Age January 2007:  3 yrs. 4 mos.

 Height January 2006:  25″                          Height January 2007:  37 7/8″

Weight January 2006:  18 lbs                           Weight January 2007:  30 lbs

Size clothing Jan. 2006:  It depended on the garment but an average was 9 mos.

Size clothing January 2007:  3T

Language at homecoming:  3 words:  Mama, Daddy, Bye

Language today:  Still speech delayed but can sass her Mama complete with the rolling of the eyes.

Pre-educational skills at homecoming:  virtually non-existent

Pre-educational skills today:  Recognizes all of her numbers, colors, and shapes.  Can sing many songs including the ABC song.  Counts to 20.

Gross motor skills at homecoming:  Fell down constantly.  Had very poor balance.  Could only ascend a flight of stairs by using a “crawling motion” with hands and feet.  Slid down stairs on her rear.  Could not run, or jump and had very poor muscle tone.

 Today:  Runs, jumps and climbs.  Can walk a balance beam.  Can peddle a tricycle and PUMP A SWING! 

Emotional state at homecoming:  Terrified of EVERYTHING, withdrawn and shy. 

Today:  The life of the party.  A complete clown.  Specialty:  The Crazy Baboon Dance from The Wild Thornberry’s.

Character at homecoming:  Fiery as a habanero and as sweet as a stalk of sugar cane from her homeland.  A survivor.

Character Today:  Firey as a habanero and as sweet as a stalk of sugar cane from her homeland.  A survivor.

And just in case you forgot today….GOD IS GOOD!

ro cup

“Taste and see that the LORD is good;
       blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”

Pslam 34:8

*Note:  An adoption story by its very nature is a never ending story.  The everyday miracles in our home are abundant.  So, just because this part of the narrative has concluded, doesn’t mean there are no good chapters to follow.  I hope you will come back again and again as we savor stories of God’s grace together.

And I hope you will send me a few of your own…


6 Replies to “What One Year Can Change”

  1. Just found your blog wow, how far you precious daughters have come in only 1 year truely amazing and how blessed they are to be with such a loving family. I can relate to your previous post about attachment to mommy we are close but not there yet. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Congratualtions and God Bless:)

  2. Sherri, this is the part I’ve been waiting for!!!!!! Please keep writing. I’m just shaking my head at the difference of the girls. Incredible. I’m so happy for them and proud of you all.

  3. And look what love can do! Again, thank you for sharing your stories of everyday miracles and more!

  4. And thinking back to the better part of a year ago, when I met you sitting on the floor of the elementary school, w your tribe gathered around you, getting each one to their first day classes, looking the typical yuppy mom (but w the way cool do:), would I have ever guessed the story you were living?!

    Knowing what I now know, how extra kind of you, Sherri, to take a minute to talk to my daughter about how to make her hair spikey!

  5. It’s not ‘sass’ its a language building exercise!

    I think thats great Sherri.

    “…the word of God is not bound.”
    –2 Timothy 2:9

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