The Miracle of a Life Redeemed


I was unloved.

You cherished me.

Those nearest to me saw only my faults.

You told me I was the apple of your eye.

I was broken

You made me new.

I was utterly alone.

You became “Father” and “Emmanuel”.fruit

My emptiness was cavernous.

You filled me as with the richest of foods.

I was lost.

You carried me home.

I was hopeless.

You promised me a bright future.

I was in bondage, weighted down by lies.

You set me free with your Truth.

All was dark; I despaired for my life.

You rescued me.

I was naked.

You clothed me with robes of righteousness.

My days and nights were filled with mourning.

You dried my tears.

I was far away.

You drew me close.

I did not know who I was…

You whispered to me that I was the daughter of The King.

3 Replies to “The Miracle of a Life Redeemed”

  1. I want to tell you how thankful I am to have found your blog. Your writing serves to inspire me and get me thinking. Thank you for that! I cried my way through the story of your daughters’ coming home. I have shed tears of understanding at today’s entry as well.

  2. This is me!!! Thank you for your encouragement and hope!!! L

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