My Kids are Crazy Brave

Last night after dinner, Jeremiah turned to me and said, “Can we go back outside when we are finished eating our brownies?”

“Mmmm…I don’t think so, sweetie,” I replied.  “I’m afraid you aren’t going to have time to play.”

“Oh, we aren’t going to play,” he said mater of factly.  “We are going to do dangerous tricks.”

Well, now.  That just about says it all.

The afternoon before, I looked outside to spot him attempting to catch a honey bee by hand. 

“Miah, stop that!” I shouted out the window.  “You are going to get stung!  Let those honey bees do their job.  Get away from them!”

Later that evening, he walked into the house proudly holding a live honey bee he had managed to catch by its wings.  “I did it!” he said.  “I caught one!  Honey bees don’t sting me.”

Also this week….

We caught Claudine standing on the see-saw, one foot perched on each side as she wobbeled back and forth to keep her balance.

Simultaneously, Jeremiah was spotted standing approximately 15 feet up, on the outer edge of the utmost part of the playset in the backyard, arms across his chest and feet planted shoulder width apart, just spying on the twins next door to see what they were doing. 

“He looks just like Peter Pan,” my astonished husband said.

All five children are fearless in the water.  The three little ones are learning to swim and know just enough to be dangerous.  I would tell you all about what that is like but, I think I am too tired attempting to keep them all alive for another day.

I keep falling asleep as I write this post…

5 Replies to “My Kids are Crazy Brave”

  1. I would tell you all about what that is like but, I think I am too tired attempting to keep them all alive for another day.

    OK I think I hurt myself laughing about that one.


  2. heh…dangerous tricks. Heaven help us all.

  3. Yes yes..heart palpatations you haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed a four year old complete the flying inverted handstand from a chair on a table across the dining room and into a sparsely padded chair, laugh, and do it again before you can get in there to catch them.

    I haven’t had any swing-set standings yet but its coming.

    Anyway, they can’t live in pads and helmets and I don’t like to admit this but their balance is a hundred times better than my own.


  4. Peter Pan’s lost boys
    only none of you is lost
    Thank Our God for that

    (comment haiku)

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