Get a Job!!!

It is the first full week of kindergarten so my son’s teacher asked parents to volunteer to help out at lunch.  Yesterday was my turn and it reminded me how much I just love kindergartners.  It is just the best age ever.  They are still innocent and sweet, full of the joy of learning but with imaginations still intact. 

Best of all, kindergartners are funny.  Really funny.

After I finished helping the kids open their milk cartons (remember how tricky that was in kindergarten?) and lending an extra hand wherever I could, it was time to just kind of hang out and get to know my son’s classmates.  My boy was sitting next to a beautiful child with a sweet smile and easy laugh.  It took me a moment, but then I realized I knew his parents. 

“I know who you are!”  I said.  “I know your Mom and Dad.”

We chatted awhile longer and before I knew it, lunch was over and the teacher had come to take the children back to class.  My sweet son took my hand and we began the walk back to his classroom.  That is when his friend decided to find out a little bit more about me since I already knew so much about him.  He looked up at me and said:

“Where do you work?” he asked.

“I work at home,” I said.  “I am a writer.”

He looked at me with an expression which said, ‘come on give me a break’, and said, “But where do you work?”

“I told you, I am a writer,” I said. “I write articles, books, and stories.”

That is when he helped set the record straight for me.  He stopped in his tracks and proclaimed,

“You need to get a JOB!!!!!”

I laughed and laughed because I think almost every writer has felt the same way.  I read an article recently that said a writer needs the hide of a rhinoceros just to survive.  Add being the main care giver for five children to the mix and it is enough to push a girl right over the edge.  I personally officially quit my writing career last Friday morning percisely at 6:50am over breakfast.

I took it back up the following afternoon at 1:43pm.  Which is when I wrote God’s Dreams which I was quite pleased with.  Come to think of it, maybe I should quit more often……


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  1. ” Yesterday was my turn and it reminded me how much I just love kindergartners.”

    I only subbed once for kindergarten. I just couldn’t take it. They have way too many questions, and they ask them over and over. 🙂

  2. Well, I must admit. It wasn’t all sweetness and giggles. There were a couple of kids….

    See, I am an old-fashioned mother. I believe children should obey and speak respectfully to adults. I believe they should be kind to each other. I do not believe they should run under the nearest table and hide when they don’t like being told to “line up”.

    I wrote my son’s teacher and aide a note of appreciation this morning. It did not occur to me some of the behavior they have to deal with because I would be horrified if my son was so defiant.

    I guess all those years of hard work have paid off after all…. (and yes, it was hard work. Only one of my children is naturally compliant.)

    Boy, did I need to see it hasn’t been all in vain.


  3. I love that you quit being a writer, and began again in the same day. I did something similar today.

    God has amazing plans for His children, and all we need to do is every little thing He asks us to. 🙂 And hang around for the blessings to start raining down.

  4. I teach, mostly between 15-21 year olds. I am amazed at those who can be patient through a day of little ones.

  5. That’s hilarious!

    Nate makes me laugh all the time, and then he’s asking me “what’s so funny about _____?” Ohhh, nothing . . . .

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