The Abbey of Gesthemani

Here are some photos from my retreat at The Abbey of Gesthemani in June.  sign at retreat house

This first photo is of a sign posted in the elevator of the retreat house.  I thought it was hysterical.  Those monks.  They can be quite witty when they so choose.

 church at Gesthemani

This shot is of the outside of the church.  The retreat house is on the left.  The monastic area is to the left.



This is another shot of the church with the bell tower. 

 monks cemetaryBelow is the cemetary for the brothers.








Under this tree is my favorite place to read Scripture and pray.



There is a woodland path on the grounds of the monastery that has statues and places for quiet meditation.  The next few prayshots will show a few of those statues. 

The first picture however, is of a sign along the way.







A Cherub:













An angel (or fairy, I’m not sure.)


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  1. Love the advice on singing. I am retreating soon and will try to keep it in mind.

    Glad you have a place to listen to your heart.

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