Proof of My Insanity on a Leash

Well, I was sitting around thinking and I said to myself, “You know, it is just not crazy enough around here with five kids and I am a little shy of utter exhaustion so….why not get a puppy?”

And there you have it….proof of my insanity on a leash.Puzzle 1

So, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our household:  Puzzle.  She is a 10 1/2 week old Miniature Schnauzer.  You will have to excuse the quality of her photos.  She likes to be right next to me and that makes it hard to get a good shot.

puzzle 2

Oh, you want to know why I named her Puzzle?  Well, because I love The Chronicles of Narnia and in the final book, The Last Battle, there is an endearing character, a donkey, named Puzzle.  My daughter, Meghan, and I always thought that would be a fabulous name for a dog.  So, there you have it…Puzzle.

Puzzle 3

Yes, yes….She is very cute.  I love dogs and everything but would not have bought one right now except for the fact the children wore me down with their begging for months and months.  I, you see, know how much work a puppy is and I also know that no matter how much they promise to help that this dog is, in fact, mine and mine alone.  They will play with her but I will be her main caregiver and she already knows it.  How could she not?  I was up with her all last night while she had…..diarrhea.

 puzzle 4

Here is the amazing part…she made it outside every single time except for the first one.  I have no doubt it was God’s mercy to me, because you know, I would have been the one to clean up the accidents. 

At one point, in the middle of the night, she had some trouble settling back down to sleep after being sick so I placed her on my chest as I lay on the couch.  I felt her little heart racing, and racing.  Then, it slowed and she went to sleep and I thought….AAAAAAHHHHHHH!  I HAVE ANOTHER BABY!  WHAT HAVE I DONE?????????

puzzle 5

 We were at the vet’s bright and early.  Guess what she has?  You will never guess.  Okay, all parents who have adopted from Haiti, guess!!!  She has…GIARDIA!!!!

If you don’t know why that is hysterical, here goes:  Giardia is the most common parasite for kids who are adopted from orphanages.  One of my girls came home with a raging case of it.  Here is the really weird part…the puppy is on the medicine they prescribe for humans, Flagil.  I laughed out loud when the vet told me.puzzle 6

It was a crazy laugh, mind you.  Not a funny, “ha, ha” laugh…….

(The shot to the right is of Puzzle chewing on my Chuck Taylors)

I’m trying not to fall in love with Puzzle, but the truth is….I’m failing miserably.  

I was thinking this morning as Ro and I were walking Puzzle, that she will probably be good for me.  I tend to take myself far too seriously at times.  Every time I turn around, I find that I have forgotten to savor life, and puppies….well, they are all about savoring life.  Besides, I know she is meant to be mine.  As soon as I put my orange mocha down on the porch, she tried to drink it.

I told her that might not be the best for a G.I. tract ravaged by Giardia…..

11 Replies to “Proof of My Insanity on a Leash”

  1. De-lurking to say congratulations on the new baby! I am so grateful for your sake and the kids’ that Puzzle had Giradia, and not Parvo; I’m sure you wouldn’t have gotten her from a petstore, but the word “diarrhea” made me flinch all the same, because even puppies from breeders can come up with parvovirus on occasion (much less frequently, of course– you get what you pay for!)

    All the best to you and your (newly-expanded!) family; Puzzle is a treasure!

  2. No, I did not get here from a pet store and we really worked at finding a good breeder, but alas….

    Yes, I am also very, very thankful it was not Parvo. She seems to be doing a bit better already. She is snoozing in my lap as I type 🙂


  3. Precious, precious Puzzle, but oh my! What were you thinking? chewed up rugs and furniture, potty accidents, a sitter for family vacations, holes in the yard, dead possums…YIKES! We have two shiba dogs

    They are brothers, and Colin loves them dearly (as do we). But I am counting down the years until they go to dog heaven.

    Sherri, you are officially certifiable. (I’ll bet the kids love their little Puzzle, eh? She’s as cute as a button.)


  4. Wow! You are truly Super Woman, Sherri. And Puzzle is so blessed to have been adopted into your family. Here’s hoping for quick training, quick passing of giardia, and many fun and loving times with your newest baby.

  5. Kristie,

    I have been pounding on the walls of Heaven for you today, my sister…

    I am not Super Woman. You missed the point, dear, that Candis got…I am just nuts.


  6. I love dogs. I have one, and hubby has one. We don’t look when someone has pups for sale, because I know me, and I’d want another so badly. They’re sweet and cute, but sooooooo much work. And I feel especially for you, having a family plus a dog. Wow!

  7. She is sooooo adorable! I can’t wait to see her in person…. minus the diarrhea!!

  8. Wow Sherri! That’s a beautiful puppy! If I ever get down to your side of the country, the first place I’ll visit is your wonderful home and family. One of my online friends also just got a Schnauzer (but he’s 3.5 years old and adopted from the pound). Your pictures are so endearing that I’m sure you’ll have an influx of visitors soon!

  9. Very cute. And the bonus is when they ask for a car and say “I promise I’ll take care of it…” now you can say. “Oh, remember the dog?”


  10. Welcome to the club! Except my club is for families that have five kids and two dogs. 🙂 Our cockapoo is 11yo and our Bichon Frise is 5yo. Every time my kids think about another pet or I think about another adoption I have to remind myself that I AM busy enough! LOL!

    Your puppy is adorable!

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