So Many Thanks….

Ann blessed me with a beautiful listing of things for which she was thankful in just one day.  Enjoy….

For the last several months, I have been recording the Gift List, writing down a thousand things I have received as gifts from His hand. This week, I have been thinking this week on just this: When one is grateful for every little thing, one realizes that nothing is a little thing.

And so… things I was grateful for this week…

877. the roll of a ripe apple falling into an open hand
878. boys climbing high for the best ones

879. the tart sweet of still sun-warm apple
880. apples slices with raisins in morning oatmeal

881. the endless stream of jokes that boys’ punctuate our meals, our comings and our goings
882. little boys with endearing toothless smiles
883. little boys who smell like grease and their Dad

884. little boys who look high over their head to find the letters to spell “C-O-M-B-I-N-E”
885. “Can I pour a cup of flour, Mom?

886. slicing sun-warm tomatoes–ah, all the world can be experienced as still sun-warm!

887. evening walks in a ring of falling gold
888. boys’ throwing football down the road, one brother to another brother

889. large moon rising, a pearl
890. Levi dragging his feet on gravel to stop his gotta do what you gotta do
891. pungent, earthy aroma of the deep of the woods
892. pant of Boaz running near

893. Hope walking beside, my long-tanned girl, talking, holding my hand

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.
~Estonian Proverb

Lord? I thank for the little…and realize that You only give grand and glorious gifts.

Thanking with you…
All’s grace,
Ann Voskamp

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