To Do List

I have a “To Do List” for today.  It is full of the mundane.  One after another tasks are listed in order, awaiting my attention. 

1.  Exercise

2.  Go to the laundry mat (the washer is broken)

3.  Sweep the floors

On and on it goes……

So, I made another “To Do List”.  A list full of purpose, joy, life.  Things, I musn’t ever, ever forget…

To Do List

1.  Sing to the Lord a new song.

2.  Give thanks.

 3.  Hug and kiss my kids.img_2292.jpg

4.  Tell my husband what he means to me.

5.  Say “I love you.”  Alot.

6.  Sit and watch the birds.

7.  Walk outside, even if only for a few moments.

8.  Savor every drop of tea in my cup.

9.  Pray.

10.  Find moments to be still before God.

11.  Laugh

12.  Be silly with my little ones.

13.  Offer kindness to a stranger.

14.  Smile.

15.  Sing.

 16.  Turn up the radio and dance.

17.  Turn off the radio and listen to the music in my heart.

18.  Read to my kids.

19.  Sit in my comfy chair and read a chapter of something to myself.

20.  Imagine what Heaven will be like and pray that Jesus returns today.

4 Replies to “To Do List”

  1. So right on! Thanks for sharing and for the reminder to TURN THE NOISE OFF and listen for God.


  2. Good news, Josh. I don’t think I have to slay bunnies anymore. My new home came with a resident hawk.

    Now, if I could only find a (non-violent) solution for all of my neighbors’ cats that stalk the birds, poop in my flower beds……….

    Did I mention I’m a dog person?


  3. Oh thats easy then. Get more dogs. Little yappy daschunds chase cats but their legs are too short to catch them.

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