Where’s Sarah?

What a day….

A long awaited appointment with a specialist about my back….

A whiny four year old along for the ride….

The bleak diagnosis….

Thoughts swirling in my head….one moment thankful that although painful and inconvenient, this disease is not fatal and the next so frustrated and angry that it will consume so much of my time, energy, and life.

The four year old wets her pants on the way home and then…lies about it.

I give up on preparing dinner and call my husband to bring something home.

Progress report day for the older four.  Good news.  Bad news. 

The twins run out to play and then a few moments later one rushes back inside…

“Mommy!  We have a little dog in the back yard!”


“A little dog!  Come see!”

I find the small brown lump of fur cowering under the swing set with one child hovering protectively above.

“Hershey (the neighbors dog) chased it and we saved it!  Can we keep it?”

“We have a dog already.”

“Yeah, but can we have another one?  It is so cute!”

“No way.  I’m sure someone is looking for it and I can not possibly handle another dog.”

It is shaking and turns big brown eyes up to mine.  I feel sorry for it and pick it up.  There is a conference between neighbors in the back yard.  Storms are coming.  She can’t be left out.  My neighbor will drive around and see if anyone is looking for her.  I will put her in my garage.

The five year old sniffs her.  “She smells good, Mommy!  Can we keep her?”

“She stinks, Miah and no, we may not.”

“Let’s name her Lady..”

“We are not naming the dog.”

“She is so cute, can we keep her?


I get the dog settled and wearily go in the house.  I have 5 messages on the answering machine.  Two kids have unfinished homework.  The wind is beginning to howl.  Then the four year old says…

“Where’s Sarah?”

“We are not NAMING THE DOG!!!!  She is NOT staying!”

But, you know they don’t believe me.

Is anyone out there missing a dust mop on a leash?

5 Replies to “Where’s Sarah?”

  1. *chuckle

    What did I say about a little yappy dog? See? Thats what you get when you pray something like ‘dear God where did all these cats come from?’

  2. Oh girl, I wish I could do something to help out. I do not want the dog though. Did you learn anything new at the doc appointment? (((Sherri ))) Hugs to you.

  3. Remember that scene in the movie Jerry Maguire where Renee Zellweger’s character says, ” You had me at hello…” Well, you had me at, “I give up on preparing dinner and call my husband at work to bring something…”
    Oh yeah. I know what THOSE days are all about.
    On days like those, I just look forward to my head hitting the pilow…



  4. This is a neat blog you’ve got here. Thanks for the inspiration!

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