The Queen of Sass

When my youngest daughter came home from Haiti at age two, she was so severely speech delayed that she only had 3 or 4 words total in her vocabulary in either language.  Even then, she somehow managed to try to rule the house with those few words.  To say she is “spirited” is a bit of an understatement.  I guess that is why she survived.

I have a vivid memory of her sitting at the kitchen table a few months after she came home as a battle of wills was being waged.  She was digging in against the establishment with all her might and leveled a steely gaze at her Daddy and me.  I turned to my husband and said, “If she knew how to flip a bird, that brown little middle finger would be straight up at us.”  We chuckled.  She continued to scowl.

Well, some things change and others stay the same.  Two years later, she is still spirited and day by day, she is still learning how to obey.  Her speech however, has caught up with her intelligence and attitude.  The girl is the master of sass.

One afternoon this week, the kids and I were in a hurry to get somewhere on time and I sent them ahead of me to strap into seat belts and car seats while I grabbed my purse and put the dog in her crate.  Baby Girl had a different idea, and instead of strapping into her car seat as instructed, she decided to run around outside for a minute and then come back into the house.  When she opened the door to come back inside, she left it standing open and the dog got out and began her favorite game of “You Are Old and Arthritic and Can’t Catch Me.”  By the time I caught the dog and we were all at last on our way, no one was too happy with Ro.

Miah said, “Ro made us late!”

To which she nonchalantly replied, “Yeah….and you’re mean!

The Queen of Sass.  I am living with The Queen of Sass.

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  1. Let’s get Ro together with Mac and watch the sass fly! Yikes.
    p.s. Love the cornrow pictures and glad to hear the dog has gone home!

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