Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth

Oops.  I just noticed that at the end of my last cornrow post, I said I would write about my youngest daughter’s new style.  I had a crazy week and it got lost in the shuffle, so here goes…..

How should I put this?  My baby girl (age 4) is not exactly the best “client” when it comes to hair time.  I’m pretty sure she goes into her bedroom before hand to take deep breaths to ensure she is absolutely prepared to scream as loudly as possible as soon as the first tooth of the comb touches her head.  Sometimes, I stop for a moment just to see if she even notices I am no longer detangling or braiding and sure enough, she screams on, unaware the “torture” has ceased.

Now, I know that at this moment some of my, shall we say….less colorful readers are thinking what a rotten mother I am to put my sweet baby through such torment while some of my more colorful readers are nodding and laughing softly to themselves while thinking she will get over it and be just fine.

This is what we call a culture clash moment.

But….as I tell my own sweet mother who can not stand to hear her grandbaby cry, “It is either this or cut it all off and I can assure you she does not want to cut it off.  This is just the way it is.”

So, the results of the most current torture session are as follows and at this writing, the style is 2 1/2 weeks old and still presentable which is great.  The bad news is…..Saturday is a ‘comin and we will be at it again.img_2522.jpg

Does anyone have some earplugs?

The first photo is from the top of my sweet girl’s head.  I drew a part from ear to ear and then put flat twists in the top.  Each flat twist is secured at the end with and elastic and the loose hair at the end is then braided.

The shot below is from the side.


For the back of the head, I drew parts in boxes about 1″ square to form block braids.  Each ponytail was secured at the head with and elastic and the braided .  img_2528.jpg

Last of all, I added beads.  The beads on the end are these cool white stars I bought last summer around July 4th.  I think they look terrific with the multicolored pinks.  There are four beads total per braid. 

My girls love beads in their hair and the promise of beads has even been known to cause the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth to subside momentarily.  img_2534.jpg

This is a shot of the finished style from the back.  My goodness, how my girl’s hair has grown!

I am making progress on my new blog dedicated to African hair, so if you visit this site for cornrow pictures, keep an eye out for the debut of BRAIDS, BEADS, TRUTH:  FOR THE LOVE OF AFRICAN HAIR at www.wordpress.com.

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  1. okay so I’m dying to see the new blog. Even though I don’t have african daughters, I want to learn!! Love the beads and congrats, mom, on the fabulous look! She is beautiful, and her HAIR IS, TOO!!

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