Thank God for The Queen of Sass

Last night before bed I read the Cat in the Hat to the three youngest children.  The “twins” were on either side of me and The Queen of Sass was sitting in my lap (age 4).  When I reached the end of the book and the narrator said, “Then our mother came in and she said to us two…”  The Queen of Sass interrupted with what she thought the mother would say…

“WHAT THE HECK!”img_1884.jpg

Story time pretty much dissolved in hysterical laughter.  Led by me.

I told you she is The Queen of Sass.

You know, as I rear five children, two of whom have been through unspeakable trauma, many days are seasoned with tears.  It is a job that continually drives me to my knees before God, seeking His provision, strength, wisdom, comfort…

Thank God for the gift of laughter at the end of a hard day.

I don’t usually give advice to younger parents because I know I don’t have it all together but this advice I have to give…

Don’t forget to laugh with your children.  A little silliness sometimes makes the truly sorrowful things in life bearable.  A moment laughing together can give everyone on the journey the strength to take the next step, and the next….

Thank God for The Queen of Sass. 

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  1. Sass…I love it. I’ve got a house full too Serri. There are times when I’m being stern and fatherly when the ridiculous-ness of the whole situation reaches up and smacks me in the face. Usually its that sassy little comment that does it and we all just fall out laughing.

    Amen and thank God for our sassy lassies, queens of sass and drama, etc. What would we do without them?

  2. Oh, Sherri. I can’t think of anything particularly clever or wise. What the heck.


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