Theology with The Queen of Sass

This past Sunday, my husband and I were the substitue teachers for the four year old Sunday school class.  This is the class our youngest, The Queen of Sass, attends.  The lesson was on the Passover meal and arrest of Christ the night before His crucifixtion.  All of the kids were sitting with me on the floor and as I told the story, I came to the part about Judas.

“Then, one of Jesus’ friends decided to help the bad guys hurt Jesus!”  I said.

The Queen of Sass did not like that one bit.

“When I get to Heaven,” she said with a snarl, “I’m gonna beat Judas up!”

That’s my girl, all fire and sass.  I have no doubt that one day she will take on the injustices in the world.  Until then, you guys pray for me, okay?

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  1. I wanted to comment on a cornrow picture, but I can’t.

    Your family is beatiful and your cornrow attempts are pretty wow. As a black person with crazy afro hair, even at age 24, I can’t even properly manage my own hair and I’ve had 24 years to get used to it!

    I have to go to the hairdresser to get it in braids, or I would be lost!

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