Gone, Gone, Gone and…Back Again

I don’t think it would be fair to just start blogging again without ever addressing the fact that I quit.  First of all, for all of you who have been so kind to write to me to tell me that you appreciate my writing and even express your concern for me in my absence, I want to say, “thank you.”  I consider it an honor that you would not only take the time to read what I write, but that you would care enough to inquire about my welfare.

I have thought, and thought about how to express why I stopped blogging.  As with most things in life, it was no one thing that derailed my blog just when it was becoming what some people would deem “successful”.  The best way to describe what happened is that bit by bit, circumstance by circumstance, my life narrowed for a time to one thing:  just getting through the day… each and every day.

I was not depressed, just overworked (that part has not changed.  Can a woman have five kids and a career without being overworked?) 

Also, I went through a season of what is best described as “trials”.  You know, those storms in life that “try us” to see what we are made of.  It is my earnest hope that as the winds of life subside for a moment, that God has found me faithful through those trials.

Oh, I learned a lot – that is for sure.

I realized a little more deeply how much my husband and kids mean to me.  I saw a little more clearly that life is indeed short, and should be spent wisely.  I found that God is even more faithful than I ever could have dreamt.

And that He is able to keep me.

And that He loves me, loves me, loves me.

These, of course, are things I knew before.  I just know them more deeply now.

So, here I am.  I am back.  A lot of people who once read my blog have given up hope I would ever return and have gone away.  It has been so long since I checked my stats that honestly, I have no idea if anyone is still reading at all.

That makes me a little sad I guess, but I am very peaceful.

I know one thing for sure, I am not interested in blogging for the sake of numbers.  No, I think instead I will just do what I can to honor God with my life, including this blog.

For those of you who were so unbelievably generous to hang around, thank you so much.  You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me.  I hope I can in some small way return the favor.

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  1. Welcome back, Sheri! Although it feels a little weird welcoming you back to your own blog! 🙂 I have been so grateful for your wisdom – which I feel is God-inspired, and your gift of words – which is God-given. I look forward to hearing about your journey and all that you have learned. What a precious thing is family that we do (as moms) often take for granted…thankfully, God has never taken us (his family) for granted. Many blessings to you and yours, Sonya.

  2. I’m still here. I’m still waiting on my son to come home too. Glad you’re back and hope things work out that you can spend a little more time here.

  3. I’m still here, too. Thanks for helping me keep my focus on Him.
    Love, Kelly

  4. Welcome back! I still peek in here every now and then, just in case. I’m so glad things have settled a little for you, and I’m looking forward to being a regular reader once more 🙂

  5. Another lurker still here, via bloglines. I trust that you were present, where you needed to be in the moment, and I will look forward to more of your writing when the time is right!

  6. Praying the trials subside for you. I hope you continue to find peace in the storm!

  7. Glad you’re back…I love reading your blog and I check it frequently for new posts. I’m not a frequent poster on my own blog, so I understand. 🙂

  8. Sheri,
    So glad you are back. Blessings to you and your family.

  9. Sheri,
    Glad to see you back at your blog! I also have checked in many times to see if you were back. Your words are God-inspired. Never doubt what he can do when we are willing to put ourselves out there. I haven’t forgotten one of the first posts I read of yours – you wrote about a speaking engagement you had during your time of waiting for your girls to come home. You talked about your hope in Christ, and that even if your girls did not come home to you, HE would get you through it. God spoke to me through your words in a time when I had lost hope.

    On another note, your passion & voice for raising a multi-cultural family is SO needed in the adoption community.

    You Rock!

  10. So happy to hear from you again. I never stopped checking; I just figured your blog had served its purpose, and you no longer needed that avenue for catharsis/reflection. Your new ventures sound exciting and exhausting, and when your books come out, I’m sending my copies to you for autographs (from every member of your household 😉 .)
    Can’t wait for what’s next.


  11. I’m still here and I am so glad to see you back to writing. I’ve been checking in about once a week because your writing never ceases to move me.

  12. I’m glad you came back. Very helpful from the adoption perspective, but I also enjoy your regular musings on your daily walk with the Lord. That, to me is often a lonely and imperfect journey and I have so appreciated your thoughts there. I do understand the need to take a break..I feel so overworked right now it just makes me feel flat, and my writing seems to come out that way as well. At any rate, glad you’re here again!

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