What My Keyboard Has Been Up To

In the spirit of catching everyone up on what I have been doing in my absence, I thought I would just list the things God has brought my way as far as writing.  Here goes:

1.  I have this wonderful opportunity to work with the Nashville Metropolitan Homeless Commission.  It is only a volunteer gig but I am loving the opportunity to learn about the plight of the homeless and get involved in some way.  I am currently writing articles for their newsletter which highlight services that will be offered at the huge Project Homeless Connect event scheduled for December. 

2.  I will be interviewing the homeless at the Project Homeless Connect event and will then be able to write their stories.  This is something that I know will change my life.  I can’t wait.

3.  Baby Girl Had Beautiful Hair, the picture book I wrote for ages 5 – 10 about a little girl of color struggling with the racism she faces concerning her hair is finished.  I am currently looking for an agent/publisher.  (Anyone out there who represents authors who write ethnic children’s books?)

4.  I will get back to my other blog, “Braids, Beads, Truth” soon.  I have the research completed for an article on the history of dreadlocks that I look forward to writing.  Also, I have completed one product review and am ready to begin another one.

5.  I hope to begin transferring “Braids, Beads, Truth” from blog to site soon. 

6.  I will resume work on my web store with media for ethnic families, www.familyofcolor.com soon.  Visit if you like but remember that it is a work in progress. 

7.  Best of all…Sometime ago, God placed on my heart the vision to begin writing Bible stories for middle graders.  During my visit to the Abbey of Gesthemani this year I completed a lot of work on the first installment on the prophet Elijah.  I am absolutely crazy about this project.  I am having more fun than should be legal using Biblical history and archeology to make this story come alive.  I can’t wait to finish it.

Now you know what my keyboard has been up to!

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  1. How exciting all the projects sound Sherri! I can’t wait to read about them all. Please include links to your newspaper ariticles. I’d love to read about your interviews. I agree…..that will have to be life changing!

  2. glad I checked back. Though I don’t have a daughter from haiti (she is from China) your plain sense on families of color is helpful. Thanks for writing.

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