Kinda Like a Bad Traffic Accident…

Have you ever passed a bad traffic accident on the interstate and found that even though you were horrified by it, you just could not quit looking?

Get ready.  This will be one of those moments.

Recently, a dear friend of mine turned 40.  The fabulous party was 70’s themed.  Unfortunately, I took the suggestion to dress in the fashions of the era to heart.

So did my husband.

Then, we actually allowed people to take photos.

What were  we thinking?

In a recent kindergarten project, my baby girl was asked “What makes you laugh?”  She replied, “When Mommy and Daddy dress like they are from the 70’s.”

Now you can laugh too…


By the way, my husband is a pretty conservative guy.  He walked up to friends at the party and shook hands and they did not even know who he was.  He looks a little like Weird Al Yankovic.

What fros!  The wigs were actually stuffed with tissue paper to make them larger.

Below is a picture of me with a friend of mine who actually looks beautiful in her fro.


2 Replies to “Kinda Like a Bad Traffic Accident…”

  1. You weren’t kidding when you said you could do hair! Maybe you should give instructions for the tissue paper ‘fro at your other site?

  2. Yes your friend does look great. Nice party theme. This week I heard a 10 yr old girl say “mom the eighties are calling, they want their clothes back.” Talk about a laugh!!

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