Tent City

I had an opinion piece in this Sunday’s addition of the Tennessean about the day I spent touring a homeless camp in Nashville, Tennessee.  You can find the article at this link:  Deprivation Kills Dreams of Those Who Lived Like Us.


Let me know what you think of it!

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  1. I have been lurking for a while now and it is time to comment 🙂 Loved your article – shows your compassion for those in the tent city and yet your desire to keep your children from that kind of heartache. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved the piece! Please continue to share your writings with the ‘blog world’! I met your mom and dad Thursday night. They were so kind and proud of you! It was so great to finally meet them. Dia

  3. Sherri,

    Thanks so much for sharing your article. I have recently discussed the homeless situation with my 8th graders and your article proves the point I was trying to make with them – many homeless people are just like them, they simply didn’t have the resources (financial, family support, medical support) to deal with the blows life dealt them. I hope you won’t mind if I share your article with my students. I so want them to gain some understanding and compassion for others.


  4. Wendy,

    I would be honored for you to share my article with your students.

    Thanks for reading!


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