Go Ahead…Stare.

Staring is part of being a multi-racial family…well, in the south at least.  When my daughters first came home, it drove me crazy.  I absolutely hated it.  Then, over time I developed an immunity to it.  Yesterday however, was new territory.

Little Man decided that he wanted to have blue and red spikes in his hair.  (Where he gets these wild ideas about spiky hair, I have no idea 😉  ) So, I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought the gel. 

I came home, wet his hair, applied some of my hair gel and used a blow dryer to coax it all to point straight up.  Then, I used some of my texturizing product and hair spray to complete the look.  When I was satisfied with the basic style, I applied the blue and red gel to the spikes. 

Later that day, Little Man and Baby Girl decided to go to the grocery with me.  We walked the aisles together:  One black child with elaborate braid and beads, one white child with spiky, blue and red hair, and a white mom.  Over and over we passed people who were struck immobile by the sight of us while we filled our carts with mundane things like potatoes and bread.  Finally, I turned to Little Man and said under my breath:

“People are staring at us and it is all your fault.  They are wondering what on earth my problem is to allow you to do that to your hair.”

He raised one eyebrow at me and we loaded some cereal into the cart.  We walked on for a moment and then he said, “You are right.  They are staring.”

I chuckled.  Just then, we walked past the sushi counter.  The chef paused, blade in hand to watch as we passed by.

“That guy is even staring,” Little Man said.  “He works here.  He should be nice.

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  1. i just read the blog called LIFE of Marissa … most of it … oh my goodness, cannot stop crying. How are you these days????

  2. Sharri-When I happened on your blog and I saw “go ahead and stare”, I knew I was in the right place! I’m always glad I am not the only one out there.

    About hair…when I put the Goody elastics in my daughter’s hair, they eventually break down and snap. I think it is because of the oils in the detangler I use. Is this a problem for others or it just my brand of detangler doing this?

    Thank you!

  3. I keep coming back to read this post and I never know what to say. It just speaks to me on what feels like an infinity of levels.

    May the next person who stares do so with a smile that stretches from ear to ear 😀

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Been thinking of you today.

  5. I LOVE your kid’s hair. And love the fact that you help them to express their creativity and spontaneity and personality. Who cares what everyone else thinks???? If they aren’t hurting anyone or making a statement about gang philosophy or something, then why not? I think you were teaching your children to be courageous in standing for what they believe in. Often what we believe in is different than the rest of the world. Often we are going against the flow. And, often, that is an excellent thing.

  6. happy new year.
    just wanted you to know I visited,
    read and appreciated what you posted.

    i am different, too
    i live in a tree house
    ( but I am not a nut or a squirrel)

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