Sitting in darkness long,

Too long to know the absence of the light.

Quiet blanket of sorrow my familiar companion.

Midnight calls me home.


Redeemer comes calling.

Mighty arm takes hold of my prison door.

Nobel Liberator driven by call for my freedom.

God-Man wakes the dawn.


Brilliant light, piercing dark.

Meteor shower, drops of golden rain.

A million points of light piercing darkness all around me.

Swiftly, now…He comes.


“I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.”  Isaiah 60:22b

2 Replies to “Swiftly”

  1. God-man wakes the dawn.
    Amen to that
    For too many years I sat in self imposed darkness and cursed that I did not have the strength to strike my own match.

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