Oswald Chambers Quotes

“Our notion of sacrifice is the wringing out of us something we don’t want to give up, full of pain and agony and distress.  The Bible idea of sacrifice is that I give as a love-gift the very best thing that I have.”195

“Pride, disdain for people you talk to, will shut your mouth quicker than anything.  When you speak, see that behind your voice is the life of God.”

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  1. OC is fantastic.

    A friend and I have been talking a lot lately about not giving out of your abundance, but giving even if you are also in some sort of need.

    It makes me rethink all the “good” I do… because God doesn’t want our leftovers, he wants the first fruits.

    🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely week. It snowed 5 inched here in MI last night. Blehhhhh…

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