Misery Before The Face of Mercy

“Misery should always place itself right in the face of mercy.  Had she known the love of Jesus’ heart, she would have said, “I have but to put myself where He can see me .” (instead of touch the hem of his robe) -Spurgeon on the woman with the issue of blood from Luke 8

Misery.  There is so much misery in this world. 

Yesterday, as part of a freelance job I am doing, I met a woman who lives in her car.  It was a Cadillac.  Obviously, this was not always her life.  When I found her, she was struggling to “organize her stuff” in a cold parking lot covered with snow.  There were sores on her forehead just below a worn knit cap.  It is hard to stay clean when you are homeless.  Eventually, sores begin to pop up here and there. 

Each day, I scour several news outlets for news of the misery in precious Haiti.  There is certainly plenty of misery to go around there.  Home is too often a flimsy tarp or bedsheet under the blazing sun.

Sometimes, I find instead stories of amazing joy and praise.  This past Sunday’s Tennessean’s story on the national day of mourning in Haiti began like this:

“Haiti’s determination to rise above the tragedy brought on by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake reverberated Friday in the form of prayer and music so intense it made the ground shake.”

Their praise made the ground shake.

Haitians have undoubtedly placed their misery before the face of mercy. 

I am humbled and in awe.

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