Quotes from The Blueberry Patch


Child A:  “I can’t find any good blueberries.”

Child B:  “They don’t have to be perfect they just have to be blue!”

Mother to Child C:  “Come here.  Let me see how much you have picked.  Wow, that’s great!  We are going to make a ton of jam.”

Child C:  “The sun is hot.  When ah (Child C can’t say her “r’s” yet) we going home!”

Mother to Child C:  “Stay positive or your berries will turn sour!”  Child C groans and rolls her eyes.

Child D:  “That’s funny.  We should write all this stuff down.”

Mother:  “Yeah, we could make t-shirts to wear when we pick berries, but we need a few more slogans.  How about “Stop Sniveling” or “Real Men Pick Berries”

Child E (after returning from the Port-A-Potty): “Uh…is there any hand sanitizer?”

Mother:  “Let’s go home.  This isn’t fun anymore.”

Various kids for the next several hours:  “Is the jam ready yet?”

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