My Idea of Torture

9 hours on the road.  Five kids.  By myself. 

This is my idea of torture.

Monday morning bright and early, the kids and I (out of outrageous love for my sister and her family) loaded up The Party Bus to head way down south to Baton Rouge.  We were really hoping to experience some crazy Cajun stuff while we where there, but for the most part it was uneventful.  Once my sister saw a guy walking into her local La Blanc’s grocery with a raccoon on his shoulder.  I thought that was both fabulous and horrifying.  But alas, no raccoons were sighted on our trip.

The trip down was exhausting but pretty peaceful.  The trip back was no joke.  The kids were cranky and tired.  If I asked, “Did you just treat your brother (or sister) the way you want to be treated?” once, I asked it 50 times.  I did manage to dull the pain by donning headphones and listening to an audiobook, however.  I look forward to finishing the honest, controversial, and thought provoking “Blue Like Jazz” this week.

Anyone else read it?

2 Replies to “My Idea of Torture”

  1. are you trying for sainthood??
    hehe – mom’s do miraculous things every day.
    I would have started the trip with five, and maybe ended it up with say, three left in the van, one on the roof and one mailed home by UPS

  2. Yes. I read Blue Like Jazz several years ago. I thought it was a very excellent telling of his own faith experience. Very funny in places, and I could relate to many of his stories. Not a deep theology book, but I don’t think that was what he was going for. I have it on the shelf, and should maybe pick it up again. Worth a second read, and it might be interesting to see how I digest it some years later.

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