I Can Dream It…

From the moment I began to prepare to leave Haiti for the last time, I began dreaming of returning.  What is it about that “land of mountains” that seeps into one’s soul?  It has been four years, but I haven’t stopped dreaming.  Most of all, I dream about going to Fond du Blanc, the area of my daughters’ births. 

Ellen, doesn’t dream it.  She lives it.

Occasionally, when I think that I can withstand the ache the photos from her blog stir in my heart, I venture over to take a peak.  Recently, on one such excursion, I was rewarded lavishly by photos of a community test garden she helped organize.  As a gardener, I was fascinated.  As a mother of two little girls who were desperately hungry once in that area of Haiti, I wept at the pictures of her harvest.

Way to go Ellen.  God bless you.  Perhaps, someday my dream will come true and I will find myself digging in your garden.

M’ ka kwe sa… (I can dream it…)

Ellen In Fond du Blanc

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