There Goes Another One….

I think I could dedicate an entire blog to the subject of parents gone wild.  This was in my morning paper:

BREAKING NEWS: Parent arrested for assault after shoving, hitting coach at Heritage Middle School

By Donna O’Neil, Staff Writer

The parent of a Heritage Middle School student has been arrested and charged with simple assault after a discussion about his son’s lack of playing time escalated into a physical altercation with the football coach Tuesday.

The man, 39 and reportedly of Franklin, is not being identified by this newspaper to protect the identity of the student, confronted Heritage Middle School’s head football coach Lee Nachand to discuss why his son wasn’t seeing as much playing time as the dad thought he should.

According to Williamson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Hugh Tharpe, “the conversation escalated. The coach told the parent to make an appointment to discuss the issue, and the conversation escalated into a physical altercation.”

Tharpe said, “The man pushed [the coach] and then hit him in the face.”

Williamson County Sheriff’s Department Deputy and HMS School Resource Officer Jessica Richards arrested the man at his home in Franklin and charged him with misdemeanor simple assault. A $1,000 bond was levied. It is not known if the man was held or made bail.

The incident occurred on the school property, which is located at 4803 Columbia Pike in Spring Hill.

Of the incident, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mike Looney said, “We are fully cooperating with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department in its investigation into an alleged assault on one of our employees. We will not tolerate threatening behavior or actions toward our teachers and staff members.”

According to Williamson County Board of Education Policy 5.307 – Physical Assault on Personnel, it says, in part, “The Board will not tolerate physical assaults on any school personnel or Board member during their job performance at school or on duty for school activities away from school. Any such assaults should be reported to local law enforcement authorities by the individual and/or school principal, with charges filed as appropriate.

“Whenever such an assault occurs, the person(s) committing such assault will be personally notified that he/she shall be suspended from the regular school program and banned from attendance at any/all Williamson County School-sponsored events for one full calendar year, unless modified by the Director of Schools.”

Williamson County Sheriff’s Department provides School Resource Officers to each middle and high school throughout the county as per an agreement between the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department and the Williamson County Schools. SROs are onsite daily throughout the school year and as requested by principals for special events.

Posted on: 8/18/2010


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