Newspaper Stuck in The Syrup

This is my table after the kids are gone. Newspaper strewn, kid decorated gingerbread houses are askew around my lame attempt at decorating, a half empty coffee cup from Puckett’s (cause I wish I was there eating pancakes), my journal and pen.

The newspaper is stuck in the syrup from breakfast and I sigh as I remind myself that one day my table will be clean and…

Stay that way.

I saw a young mother recently with three very small kids in tow. I remembered being where she is. I would tell my three youngest to pretend we were ducks, that I was the mama duck and they were the babies. We would all quack all the way into the store. Ridiculous. People would stop to giggle. But…they would follow behind me in a line. It worked and was so much better than fussing at them.

I looked at that young mom the other day as I returned my shopping cart all by myself. She had a little one strapped to her chest and was holding two others by the hand.

I walked past her and said softly, “It’s true what they say. I didn’t believe it when I was where you are, but it is true-

It goes by in a blink.”

And don’t want to miss a thing.

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  1. it is a LOVELY gingerbread house.
    and your words are true
    i blinked and now my youngest is a freshman
    in college, and doing so well.

    I read all these posts, and appreciate your writing

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