Hitting the Pause Button

When I was small, my Daddy used to say to me, “Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off!”. Translation- Slow down. Breath. Think.

This week I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. There simply has been too much to do. On Monday alone, I literally blew through half a tank of gas chauffeuring my five children. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were a little bit better, but not much. By last night, I had reached an all too familiar overload point. It is that unavoidable, terrifying place I find myself when my brain has had enough and begins arbitrarily “flushing things”. The problem is that it does not consult me as to what to flush.

This makes people around me either frown with concern or shake their heads in disapproval.

So this morning, at last, I have moment to breathe. I lay down on my back on my porch swing and looked up to find…

Ahh…God has been waiting for me. He is not shaking his head. He is not frowning. Just waiting.

And his mercies are new.


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  1. And with a careful turn of a phrase regarding a brain flush, you remind me that i too have been too negligent in using my “pause” button.

    An issue i will rectify this weekend – thanks!

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