Screw Ups

Let’s face it- some of us are screw ups. The worst part is that we are not screw ups due to negligence or lack of caring. No, we are working really hard and we care deeply. And…we are still screw ups.

Now, I’m not talking about you, of course. I know you have it together. I am sure that even though your home is not perfect, that it is running along respectably well.

Everyone knows where their socks are. There’s no giant “lonely socks basket” at your house. You never slip and say that curse word you used all of the time behind your mother’s back in 1984- not even when your 16-year-old drifts into the next lane on Interstate 65 because he began thinking about the girl in his geometry class, and quit thinking about getting you home alive. You are on time to soccer practice. You are fine free at the library. There’s no way you are driving your kids to school with a cap shoved down over your morning hair.

You, my friend are calm. And wise. And organized. No, I’m not taking about you.

I’m talking about me.

Yeah, some of us care a lot. Work hard. And still screw ups.

What about us?

Some of us whine, of course. That’s a given. But some of us go to the other extreme.

We are so stinking hard on ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we are up against extraordinarily difficult circumstances. We consider any failure in ourselves inexcusable.

“It is too important,” we say. And we crack the whip over our own heads in a way we would never do to someone we love.

We are weighted down by crushing guilt- for iniquities long ago redeemed, for innocent mistakes…and for choices our kids make.

Some of us even slam the door to joy in our lives because we are punishing ourselves, or because we don’t think we deserve it.

That makes us so much fun to be around.

And…we beat ourselves up for that too.

What are we screw ups going to do with ourselves? Maybe we need a support group or a theme song or a catchy, encouraging slogan.

Or maybe…we need to fall into the Arms of Grace and just rest there for awhile and remember that in Christ, there is no condemnation. (Romans 8:1) He delights in us. (Psalm 16:3)

And that God never despises us in our weakness. As a matter of fact, it is there that His strength is made perfect. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Christ’s Peace…

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