Good for Me

There are certain things that I know are just good for me- Deep down, life, breath, soul good for me.

Prayer on the porch swing.
C.S. Lewis with my kids by the fire.
Long hikes through the Tennessee hills.
Spinach enchiladas with avocado.
Sprinkling seeds into the dirt.
A glass of rich, complex Israeli wine in the moonlight.

Serving in the special needs ministry at my church.

It is the simplest of jobs. I simply care for one special needs child while their parents go to service without worrying about their baby.

I know it is for them, but it is oh, so good for me.

It reminds me of what really matters- kindness, compassion, comfort for the suffering…

My time with these children peels back the temporal, exposing eternity and all that lasts. It reminds me of my own desperate need and that Christ met me in it. I was helpless and hopeless but he didn’t despise me in my weakness. He cleaned me up, wrapped me in his love, and called me his child. Then, blessed me by giving me the opportunity to pass it all on.

And it is very good.


2 Replies to “Good for Me”

  1. Are you going to share your recipe for spinach enchiladas? I need to make my own list of things that are good for me. Thanks for continuing to write, Sherry. I always look forward to seeing your blog posts in my inbox.

    P.S. Can you recommend a good Israeli wine?

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