And Good For You Too

Super Mom, Ginny asked me to share my recipe for Spinach Enchiladas as well as the name of a good Israeli wine.

As far as the enchiladas, my favorite is from a little Mexican restaurant near my home, Garcia’s. One of the brothers who owns the restaurant lives a few houses down from me, another lives one street over. They have great food and are wonderful people. Their black beans are the best. Here’s a photo:


The ones I make at home are so simple it is almost embarrassing. I usually make them for lunch. I cook up one or two of these amazing tortillas I get at Coscto. They are pre-rolled dough. All you have to do is add a hot pan. They are so good that certain people (my friend Jetza) have developed a bit of an addiction. We are considering an intervention 😉

While the tortilla is cooking, I steam spinach in the microwave and season it with garlic powder and salt. I wrap it all up, mash up some avocado with salt, cilantro, and lime and ta-da! Lunch!

Here’s another photo of my, much less impressive version. (Notice the Cat in the Hat plate. Presentation is everything so I spared no expense.)


As far as the wine, I only have one- Galil Mountian Winery. Here is the link-

I came home from Israel last October longing for a taste of my wonderful trip. This wine is the only one I found locally and I was not disappointed. It is lovely.


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