Wisdom From The Queen of Sass

Even in the pictures from orphanage, it was evident- this kid has spunk. I remember staring at one photo of her at around age nine months sitting in a worn Sesame Street highchair that had duct tape holding together the back cushion. She was staring straight into the camera while feeling of the tip of a brand new front tooth with her tongue. Even then I could see it- the sass, the fire. That spark that kept her alive against all odds. She was frail at best, but I have a feeling that on the day death came for her, that he sauntered up to the crib, bent over and took one look into those eyes before shuddering, tucking his tail between his legs and just going home for the day.

Once, I made an effort to apologize to the bus driver for her loud voice, incessant laughter, and the inability to remain in her seat on the ride home from school. He just shrugged and said, “You know, she just loves life.”

She is the best dancer I know, the Dredlocked Wonder, The Queen of Sass.

And wise to boot.

Recently, when her teenage brother nastily told me I have “issues” when he didn’t get his way, she lost her smile for a moment but not her composure.

“All God’s children have issues”, she responded.

Amen. Wisdom from the Queen of Sass.

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