What is Stopping You?

Once, a baby was born severely disabled. He had one leg, and no forearms. His birth mother could not cope with the challenges of raising a son with such daunting physical challenges and so he was placed into a rusty crib in an orphanage with other sick and disabled babies, given a little milk and left to die.

And yet, he lived.

Sometime later, he was taken to Great Britain and given so many more opportunities and even so, one would not expect much. He still had no arms, and only one leg. He still bore the pain and emotional scars of abandonment and neglect.

And yet, he succeeded.

When he entered school, he decided he would really like to play some kind of a musical instrument and when he thought through the options for a boy with one leg and no arms, he thought maybe he could play the drums.

And so, he did. And he was great.

There are a world of opportunities for you out there today. What’s stopping you?

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