Sitting in the Dark

Sometimes the walk of faith calls for darkness. That is why it is called a “walk of faith” and not a “walk of doing”.

I don’t like this. I much prefer the verses that talk about how God will be a “lamp to my feet” or a “whisper in my ear telling me which way to go”. Those are fun verses to memorize or maybe tattoo on your ankle. If you are into that sort of thing.

Nobody wants a tattoo referencing a verse about sitting in the dark.

And yet, I think a lot of my faith has had more in common with sitting in the dark than the well lit path. There have been long seasons of murky uncertainty with short bursts of illumination, brief moments of knowing when movement, blessed movement happens and then the lights go out again.

I don’t know if everyone is like this not. From the way Joel Osteen is smiling I’m pretty sure he has flood lights like the kind they line airport runways with but I digress…

Sure, I would love to see this parade get moving along. It would be so cool to get out of this seemingly infinite holding pattern and accomplish some things. Log some miles. Blaze some trails.

That is so me, and maybe that is why I get left in the waiting room with the lights out more than most. God, in His love for me, is trying to get me to stop doing and just be. The being is so much more important to Him.

“Let him who walks in the dark,
who has no light,
trust in the name of the Lord
and rely on his God.” Isaiah 50:10


Am I willing to wait in the dark for my God today?

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