Brian Head Welch of Korn and a Father’s Overwhelming Love

Christianity often is heavily dosed with culture. The Christianity of my youth was strongly laced with this particular cultural belief- “If you love God, you look a certain way. You dress like this. You wear your hair like that.” Appearance equated holiness.

The problem with this is that not only is it not true but it is dangerous. It is too easy for grace to get lost and judgement take root. And what happens when someone who “looks holy” is hiding a dark heart?

I was deeply hurt by some people that. If a kid isn’t careful, she can begin to question God’s goodness in that environment.

Perhaps that is why I love it when amazing stories of redemption show up in unexpected packages. Brian Head Welch, formerly of Korn is one of theses. His testimony, powerfully recorded for us by the I Am Second campaign is perhaps the most moving story of grave I have ever encountered.

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