What Do You Think? Is Our Suffering God’s Will?

When the dust settled in Moore, Oklahoma it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to God, suffering, and God’s sovereign will.  One teacher was quoted as saying she did what no teacher is supposed to do as the funnel cloud bore down on her classroom- She prayed out loud.  Wolf Blitzer asked one woman if she was “thanking the Lord” she was ok.  Turns out she is an atheist.  Awkward.

I have a few things to say about the subject but I want to hear from you first.  What do you think?

Is our Suffering God’s Will?

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2 Replies to “What Do You Think? Is Our Suffering God’s Will?”

  1. Yes. God can stop it, but doesn’t. That’s the great debate in my heart and head.

  2. Believe suffering is part of the human experience as much as any other event/part of this life on Earth. Feel there is a purpose in everything we go through, a lesson we need to learn, a building block for who we are to become. We often cannot know the reason, but think over the course of a lifetime, all that we endure/enjoy/live thru, is for that greater reason, to be revealed in this life or after. Is that not the basis of faith, to trust in God’s will? No, do not believe everything is God’s “fault”; we chose free will, which God allowed us to do. The story of Adam and Eve, which I believe is allegory for God’s gift, as Heavenly Father, to always be there for his children, but to allow them, as every good parent must, the ability to fall and fly, and learn and grow, to be the person/soul they need, are intended, to be.

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