Inspired News: The Girl Who Roared

I am a news junkie.  Honestly, most of what I read is less than encouraging.  This broken world if full of much pain and sorrow.  Lately, though, I have come across several stories I found profoundly inspiring.  I want to pass them along to you.

Today’s story is from the well covered horror that three young women suffered in Cleveland, OH at the hands of Ariel Castro.  Castro lured each of these women into his home and then held them for 10 years.  During that time, he brutally abused, tortured, and raped them.

Michelle Knight, taken first, suffered the longest and the most horrifically.  When she conceived children as a result of Castro’s rapes, he starved and beat her until she miscarried.  Multiple times.

In the days immediately after her rescue, Michelle was kept in the hospital longer than her two fellow captives.  She was also remarkably silent.

But when she spoke at last, she roared.

If you have not had the honor of getting to know her through recorded testimony, it is my privilege to introduce you to her.  Please read the CNN story below about her powerful, courageous appearance in court at Castro’s sentencing hearing.  You will be inspired.


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