Inspired News: Racism Meets Its Match

Brent Campbell was just working out to stay in shape for the UNC Wilmington track team when he heard shouting. He looked up to find a pickup truck had stopped nearby. The young white men inside the vehicle were hurling vicious racial slurs his way and threatening his life.

Before long, they were gone and Brent was left to decide how to handle such a brutal verbal assault. He reported the incident to the campus police. The investigation is ongoing.

But that wasn’t enough for Brent. He wrote a letter to school chancellor outlining just what he wanted his assailants’ punishment to be if they were caught. He asked that instead of suspension from school or prosecution, they simply be required to…get to know him.

Brent is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He is choosing forgiveness and radical love- a love that not only covers a wrong but challenges his assailants to a higher standard of true, abiding change.

Here is the link for the story. Prepared to be inspired.

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