The Mystery of Grace

Grace is a mystery.  I find the more I rest in grace, the more I recognize my desperate need of it.  I think this is because grace allows

Sea of Galilee, Israel (Photo courtesy of Larry Mize)
Sea of Galilee, Israel (Photo courtesy of Larry Mize)

me to stop denying and defending my state.  Grace grants me the breathing room to be honest.

I have seen this in my children.  There have been so many times I have approached one of my children about something they have done wrong only to be met with wrought iron denial or defense.  Finally, after years of parenting “fails” I learned to soften my approach in these moments and say, “Hey, I don’t think you are a bad person.  This is just something we need to deal with, you know?”

It is like magic.  The defenses drop.  Honesty rises. Healing begins. The most beautiful part is that almost always, true sorrow for their offense follows.

And so it is with us.  Grace is the only thing that will tether our wandering hearts to the Lover of Our Souls.  It is the mystery of the Cross of Christ- beautiful, life-giving, amazing grace. May we rest in it today.

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