Restoring Our Perspective

“The most important battlefield is here,” I tell my kids as I tap the side of my head.

“‘Can’ and ‘cant’ are magic words. Be careful how you use them.”

“If the words in your head are condemning, they aren’t from God…”

“You do yourself no favors when you play the victim. assume your strength, not your weakness.”

“Life has taught me that we are always stronger than we think we are.”

Our perspective is powerful…but it is really difficult to keep straight sometimes, isn’t it? Life gets frantic. Sometimes, disaster strikes (and it always seems disasters come in a group discount of some kind).  Certain elements of the media seem to be making their living off of attempting to frighten everyone half to death.

Our hearts get broken.

How do we keep a positive outlook in the middle of it all?

I believe the only answer is to be sure we get alone with God each day to hear His voice before we hear any others. We need to be reminded of who He is, the mighty works He has done, and of how much He loves us. We need the privilege of praise, the restoration of confession, the comfort of prayer, and the ministry of intercession.

In a world so full of trouble, we need Jesus.

A holy hour spent before God is never wasted. We rise from our knees to find our hearts realigned, our souls prepared for the day…and our vision restored to hope no matter how difficult the journey before us.

“Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” Psalm 90:14


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  1. I agree our mind can be the biggest battlefield, but when we stay in God’s word and live to the best of our ability, we are fighting a good fight of faith…Saying positive affirmations to self and others, allowing positives to enter our lives, and when negatives’ arise we count it all joy. Blessings…Staying suited and booted in the word of God….

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