A Counterculture Christmas

I went to Costco the morning after Thanksgiving to buy dog food, milk, fruit…the basics. The problem is that I live in the shopping epicenter of Middle Tennessee. On the way home, I was assaulted by Black Friday.

I found myself stuck in a horrific traffic jam that was obviously powered by INSANE people. Twice, I realized another driver was screaming at me and honestly, I had zero idea what I had done wrong.

Later, I watched news clips of human beings wrestling over televisions. One woman assaulted a man over a $5.00 Barbie!

Oh, America. You just embarrass me in moments like this. Let’s be real here- you are not fighting to feed your starving kids. You are fighting, and going to jail, over stuff!

So, I am issuing a challenge to all those who call themselves by the name of Christ. Let’s stage a Counterculture Christmas. This is our season. Let’s take it back in the most beautiful of ways.

Slow down.

A stone manger at Meggido, Israel.
A stone manger at Meggido, Israel.

Give thanks.
Celebrate The Christ Child’s coming and take a moment to long for His return.
Forgive as we have been forgiven.
Return blessing for cursing.
Serve your neighbor.
Seek justice for the oppressed.
Honor The Prince of Prince Peace by living lives awash with generosity and random acts of kindness.

It won’t always be easy, we will have to resist the siren song of consumerism if our lives are to sing the praises of a Servant King. We will need to cloak ourselves in humility and gentleness if we plan on demonstrating the Savior’s love to the frantic, anxiety-ridden, and down right rude masses. There won’t be any Hallmark worthy shortcuts.

The hard truth is that if we want to see the reality of peace on earth, it will need to be carried in on the backs of Christ-like peacemakers.

But…it isn’t really about us is it?

It is about Jesus, and I can think of no sweeter way to honor the One who, even though He possessed “the very nature of God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness…” (Philipians 2:6-7) than staging a counterculture Christmas in His honor.


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