Laughing Into The Abyss (Don’t Mess With Me- I’m CRAZY)

It has been a rotten week so far at the Gragg house- major damage was discovered from a long simmering chimney leak. Now, there is a big hole in my wall and my fireplace is sitting in the middle of the living room. Oy, vey.

One very surly 13-year-old got braces and is the picture of howling defiance over his headgear. (Who doesn’t hate a headgear? Mine was purple.) We all think we can “make our kid do stuff” until they are as big as we are and decide not to. Then, we have to get creative and wait them out.

“Wear it, or I will show up at school tomorrow in these pajamas (picture holey jogging pants and raggedy Nashville Predators t-shirt) with my morning hair (trust me, not pretty) and announce to everyone that you wouldn’t wear your headgear! Don’t mess with me. I’m crazy!

I went to bed feeling like a disaster and woke up feeling like a failure. I hit the pool this morning, swam, and prayed, it all out. God’s mercies are new every morning.

Speaking of mercy, I came across this beautiful ad from Dove on the words we speak to ourselves. Powerful. On a side note, it is in French. Everything sounds better in French. My 17-year-old speaks French. She can sass me in French and it still sounds lovely. As a matter of fact, she can mouth off to me endlessly as long as it is in French.

Here’s to you, fellow Falling Down and Getting Back Up Moms. Have a great day. Eat a piece of chocolate.  Look into the abyss (or the hole where your fireplace once was) and laugh. Say nice stuff to yourselves.Some days, it is the best you can do.

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