He Will Not Forsake Us

This past Advent, the season of waiting, was deeply so for me. I was waiting for God in the most desperate of places- waiting with all the saints for the celebration of the Messiah’s birth, yes, but also waiting in intensely personal ways as well.  

 God was so kind to lead me to the writings of Enuma Okro. In her book, Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent, she explores the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth and their long “wilderness wait” for a child. 

In one chapter, Ms. Okoro invites her readers to carefully read Psalm 37 and make a list of all of the instructions given for those of us who are desperately waiting for God. I took my pen in hand and began the list in the margin of my Bible-

  1. Do not fret. (vs 1)
  2. Do not be envious of the wicked. (vs 1)
  3. Trust in the Lord. (vs 3)
  4. Do good (vs 3)
  5. Be content and rest in God’s faithfulness. (vs 3)

On and on the list stretched, each notation like a knot in the rope to which I would cling until the storm around me ceased to rage. 

Today, I sit in the outer rim of the storm where I can see glimpses of the breaking dawn through the rolling tempest above. Though the days are still long and weary at times, I am not terrified and lost the way I was when I first grasped the lifeline of Psalm 37 last Advent. 

This morning, my daily Bible reading brought me once again to Psalm 37, now as beloved as a precious friend. The first thing I noticed was the heading-

“He Will Not Forsake His Saints”

With great joy, I am able to give testimony with all of the saints who have gone before me that this is true. 

Though the road is weary- He will never abandon His own. 

Though the earth quake and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, we need not fear for He is ever-present (Psalm 46:1). 

Though the wait is long- He will not forsake us…

For we are His dear children and He is our God. 

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  1. Thanks; needed that reminder today…God bless.

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