Light Sower

I sat across from her, one older and wiser than me; one who had studied deeper, walked with God longer. 

I told her my story. I pulled back the thick curtain of self-preservation to allow her to see my broken heart.

But…I faltered for words to wrap around a wound so big. 

“I need…I need…” I said through my tears. 
“You need light,” she said softly. 

Yes. That was it. I needed light. 

I thought of this moment yesterday as I read a Psalm so beautiful, so glorious, that I couldn’t imagine how I missed such a treasure for so long. 

Light is sown for the righteous,
and joy for the upright in heart.
Psalm 97:11

Light is sown for the righteous?


I could just see it! There was Jesus walking among the ruins of our lives- the darkness, the heartbreak, the sorrow, and He was tossing seeds of light here and there into the gloom. 

I laughed out loud with joy at the thought…

For what chance does the darkness have, when The Light Sower is in our midst?

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