It Sure is Messy Down Here

The new humanity that is created around Jesus (through the incarnation and redemption) is not a humanity that is always going to e successful and in control of things, but a humanity that can reach out its hand from the depths of chaos, to be touched by the hand of God.” – Rowan Williams, Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayerdangourous-DIY-bathroom-remodel

What a relief, right? Because,if this whole Christianity thing meant my life was supposed to fall in order and be the picture of bliss and perfection, something has gone terribly wrong.

My life is less Garden and Gun, and more like Disaster DIY.

Less like Martha Stewart and more like “Pinterest Fails”.pinterest-craft-fails-8

As a matter of fact, sometimes it seems to me that the more serious I am about being real with Jesus, the messier things get. It is such a comfort to know that things were pretty messy for Him too. He partied with sinners all the time. He not only broke the law by healing on the Sabbath, He had the nerve to do it in the synagogue! He touched the untouchable.

Jesus wasn’t afraid of our grime, diseases, or personal disasters. He just waded right up in the middle of it all.

And He still does, friend. So…reach out your hand in the chaos. The life, death and resurrection of Christ promises this: The hand of God is reaching right back.

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