Peace in the Pressure Cooker

We have been into this summer thing for two and a half days now and I am already losing my mind. As a rule, my work/parenting goal is to keep the biggest part of my non-kid job to the time when my children are either in school or asleep. That means I don’t usually work as much in the summer. It didn’t work out that way this year. This year, I am on a new writing project and the deadline is June 15th.kill me now I don’t have little kids anymore and I know there are moms out there who are still in the pre-school, diaper phase who wonder, “What on earth is her problem?” “Why can’t she get it done? Her kids are tweens and teens!” Mmmmm…yeah. But they are still kids. Yesterday, I ran to the pharmacy and there might possibly have been a Highlighter sword fighting battle (or something like that) which ended with ¬† ¬†highlighter fluid splattering all over the freshly painted walls, hardwood floors, and the one cool decorating accessory I own- a cowhide rug. I had to put myself in timeout when I got home. They are bored. They need to go places… like swim practice (three different ones each day), and babysitting jobs. They are hungry all the time. They are like the locusts of Exodus I tell you!

Every few minutes they sneak into the room where while I am writing to say things like…”I had the craziest dream last night…” or “Where is the peanut butter?” (The same place it always is.) or “You won’t believe what happened on Dance Mom’s!” (Nor could I possibly ever care.)are you kidding me A couple of afternoons ago, I was deep in thought, in the zone, when my 13-year-old son sneaked in, decided it was too quite and squawked the word, “CHICKEN!!!!!” as loud and as high pitched as he could. It took me awhile to even remember what I was writing when he left.

A book on…Greece…

A book on…fleece..

Oh, yeah,…a book on peace… That’s right. This ghostwriting project is on…peace.

I am pausing here for ironic laughter to subside on the part of the reader.

How do we find peace when we are in the pressure cooker of life? I am figuring that out as I go, but I really believe I stumbled onto something this morning.

As I was driving my 17-year-old around, I remarked, “You know what I realized over the last couple of weeks in working so much when you guys are home? I realized that somewhere along the way I accomplished what I wanted to with you. The thing is, none of you like me being disconnected because I am really bonded to each of you. We are close and that is the way I wanted it.”

She laughed and nodded her agreement.

No, really.  Go ahead.  Interrupt.  I wasn't doing anything....
No, really. Go ahead. Interrupt. I wasn’t doing anything….

Then, my heart was filled with thanksgiving as I added, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

So…peace in the pressure cooker…how is it found? I am not entirely sure yet, but I think gratitude is an important ingredient to throw in the pot.

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