Dear Gabby

Dear Gabby,

I can’t imagine what it is like to have worked so hard for so long, and sacrificed so much to have a legion of people who have done nothing of the sort tear you to pieces. 

Such brutal bullying would be incredibly painful for anyone, but it must be all the more so for you simply because there is no way someone like you could you ever understand someone so empty, someone so small. 

After all, you find your self-worth in concrete, honorable things- hard work, sacrifice, sportsmanship, and teamwork. 

They find theirs in tearing other people down so they can feel a little bigger for just a moment. 

You have muscles of iron and the heart of a lioness. 

They have a keyboard.

They, simply, are not worthy of you. 

Not worthy of your attention. Not worthy of your tears. 

I have five children, Gabbby- three biological, two adopted from Haiti more than a decade ago. My kids have run into their fair share of people like those who are hurting you now. I will never forget the day my newly adopted black daughter went to kindergarten in her predominantly white school with the most fierce set of Zulu knots you have ever seen. When she came home that day, her hair was in disarray. She had torn it down with her own hands because the kids were making fun of her.

Then there was all the harassment about the adoption. 

“What happened to your REAL mom?”

“Why did your parents give you away?”

And to my son and daughter-

“You two could get married since you aren’t really brother and sister.”

I always tell my kids the same thing, Gabby-

“When someone is cruel to you for no reason it says a whole lot more about that person than it says about you. Now, hold your head high. Look them in the eye, and don’t take it for a minute.”

Come on, Gabby. You have risen with the sun for years to pursue a dream. You have worked past pain, disappointment, and fatigue. You have amassed a lifetime of heart, strength, and courage.

And…all they have is a keyboard. 

Lift your head high, honey. The critics aren’t worthy of you. 

7 Replies to “Dear Gabby”

  1. Well said Sherri, this young girl should be proud of her accomplishment, by strength and determination she has done more than most people could Evan dream.

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    1. I agree Gerald! I would love for the decent people of the world to flood social media with support of her! She needs the encouragement!

  2. That was well said. Continue to keep your head up high and focus on God.

  3. Go high Gabby, go high. God handles our problems 💜💛💚

  4. Gabby, keep your head held high and walk with boldness, know that you are GOD’S masterpiece wonderfully made to do GREAT things. You have done far more than many could ever imagine. Continue to walk in your GIFTS and don’t let any of the outside noise distracts you or tear you down……My philosophy has always been to the haters ” folks talking about me let’s me know that I’m tbeing thought of, so tanks folks for THINKING of ME “

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