The Fortress of Uncool

I sat down  and pulled my cup of coffee close for comfort, thankful that the drone of the nearby interstate was drowning out the bickering of my two ninth graders inside the house. They couldn’t decide when to leave for school. 7:40? 7:45?
It was a hot topic.
I sighed with relief as I sipped from the mug in my hand. Wood-fired and made completely without modern technology by a Spaniard living in Mississippi.
Somehow, this mug in my hand made me take stock of the rest of me-
Baseball cap. Bare feet. Old work out pants. One of the kids tossed away middle school t-shirts.
“I,” I thought to myself, “am a dork.”
And that is when I realized sweet victory is at hand. You see, our teens think we slip into irrelevancy and dorkiness simply because we can’t keep up but that isn’t the case.
We are hiding from them.
We know that the impenetrable Fortress of Uncool is the only terrifying terrain upon which our teens will ever dare to tread. 
The only place we can find a little peace. 
So, go ahead, Mama. Go over to the cabinet and grab your best and dorkiest coffee mug. Dig around in your kids cast off middle school t’s. Pull out your oldest sweats.
Retreat to your Fortresses. It’s gonna be a long one.
(Oh! And if you have a great dorky mug, leave me a pic in the comments! If you don’t, I have posted some ideas for you below!)camping-mug



Camp Casual CC-004B Mug (Starry Night),1 Pack



Pet Rageous “Crazy Cat Mom” Mug, 24 oz, White/Black




BigMouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug





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