Should Christians Care About Refugees?

Refugee…policies, politics, and Presidential orders.

But what about Christians and refugees?

Back at the end of 2016, a video went viral of the moment a Sudanese refugee was reunited with his wife and children after a four year separation. The amazing story of his journey home involved two young mothers from Fort Worth, Texas -Molly and Mary Claire. These suburban moms had a dream- They wanted to find a service opportunity that would allow them to bring their small children along.

The idea was simple- Through Catholic Charities they befriended Alik, a Sudanese refugee. On a regular basis, Molly and Mary Claire took their children to Alik’s apartment for a cross cultural playdate.

Which grew into…

An unexpected ministry to an entire refugee community in Fort Worth, and…

An impossible mission to bring Alik’s husband, Dyan, home.

But God is the God of the unexpected and the impossible.

This week, on Arms Open Wide: The Podcast, Molly and Mary Claire are here as my guests to tell their amazing story. It is one you don’t want to miss! I am also including the incredible video of Dyan’s homecoming for you as well.

Christ’s Peace…


Arms Open Wide: The Podcast Link:



Check Out The North Hill Refugee Ministry in Fort Worth!

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