What To Do With Ourselves in the Land of COVID-19

Yesterday was busy in the land of COVID-19.

I rose early, as usual, and drank coffee and wrote. Before the sun was fully up, I went to the grocery and found it full of anxious people and empty shelves.

A bit later, my teenagers and I packed food boxes for families who depend on free and reduced school lunches.

After that, I gave my daughter’s boyfriend a cooking lesson. They are headed to college in the fall and he needs some skills for living on his own.

When the food was finished, we sat down over steaming bowls of rice, beans, avocado, roasted bell peppers, and salsa, and prayed together. We thanked God for the food, and asked him to heal those who were sick.

And it we meant every word.

We cleaned our plates. Next, we worked together to tidy the kitchen before loading up in my Jeep for a social distancing approved field trip to a tulip farm.

rows of tulips
The loveliness of Liberty Grace Farms

Muddy Jeep, Bright Blooms, Grateful Hearts

On the way to the farm, we chatted, spun tunes, and sang along with Taylor Swift and Whitney Houston. We noticed how beautiful the Tennessee countryside is, even on a day that is misty and gray.

We got the Jeep muddy. Really muddy.

At Liberty Grace Farms, we made our way toward the flowers across soggy ground that squished beneath our feet. We lost ourselves in row after row of beautiful blooms as we took our time searching for the perfect ones. We learned the proper way to pick a tulip.

Grasp the stem at the base, just below the leaves, and pull straight up.

The proper way to pick a tulip.

We filled our baskets with blooms, and made plans for who we wanted to surprise with them.

My neighbor, Sharon….

My daughter’s boyfriend’s mom…

When it was time to leave, we tried to encourage the woman who owns the farm. We hoped with her for sunnier days, and promised to tell people about her lovely flowers.

How cute are they?

Back home, we each found some quiet space. I made a cup of tea and went back to writing, praying that I could spin a little hope for the world, threads of gold from the straw of these sad times.

I made my family dinner. We watched a movie together.

Before bed, I held one of my high school seniors (I have two) and tried to comfort her as she watches so much slip from her fingers.

The last months of high school…

Senior prom…

Walking across the stage at commencement….

“I know, I know,” I said to her as I held her head against my chest where she listened to my heartbeat the way she did when she was small. I kissed her forehead, and smoothed her hair.

And I prayed, and prayed, and prayed.

My two youngest daughters and me.

Our Calling in a World Gone Mad

In the darkest of times, we still have a calling and purpose-

Love each other.

Honor the gift of life by choosing to be fully present in the moment.

Live gratefully, serve generously, and spread joy.

We all still have gifts to give, friends. Today, let’s determine to give them.

Christ’s Peace…

Thank you to The Nashville Mom for telling us about Liberty Grace Farms. It was lovely, and so are you. (Check out her website for more fun things in the Nashville area to do outside with your kids during this time.)

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  1. This tulip story made me cry… Seeing you with your girls in the tulip field made me really miss my lovely daughter and her growing family. God bless!

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