Chicken On Sunday

The Watoto African Children’s Choir came to town last night and afterwards we were a host family for two boys and their chaperon.  After the boys and their guardian stashed … Continue reading Chicken On Sunday

278 Reasons to Care

Night was falling and one by one, my five children had quieted.  Our home, which was normally full of activity, was still.  I settled into the rocking chair in my … Continue reading 278 Reasons to Care

The Price of Peace

Kimberly Smith, Executive Director of Make Way Partners, and Larry Warren, Director of African Leadership were unlikely tourists.  They were touring The Sudan.  Their purpose however, was not sightseeing.  They … Continue reading The Price of Peace

The Return of Sudan’s Son

James turned his back on Kenya and the promise of opportunity, security and relative comfort in the United States to return home to the suffering of Sudan.  He went without … Continue reading The Return of Sudan’s Son


Kenya is largely responsible for tracking Sudanese refugees and helping them apply to either the United States of America, Great Britain or Australia for refugee asylum.  During the period of … Continue reading Destiny

“Lost Boy” Found

Although James and George William did not know it, their chance meeting on the streets of Kenya was no random occurrence.  It was an appointment Divinely scheduled. Time and experience … Continue reading “Lost Boy” Found

The Gift Within A Gift

“It seems, then,” said Tirian, smiling to himself, “That the stable seen from within and the stable seen from without are two different places.” “Yes,” said Lord Digory.  “Its inside is … Continue reading The Gift Within A Gift

Carried on the Winds of War

I once met a young man who was a new immigrant to the United States of America.  The impoverished conditions of the homeland he loved had driven him to seek … Continue reading Carried on the Winds of War

A Seed in the Sahara

I just returned from my local garden center.  I loaded my newly purchased perennials and potting soil into the back of my minivan and lowered the windows so the warm … Continue reading A Seed in the Sahara